A new defense cluster BRAVE1 has been launched in Ukraine


A new defense cluster BRAVE1 has been launched in Ukraine: how it will help the Ukrainian army and the defense industry

Russian military aggression and the beginning of strong hostilities inspired and stimulated Ukrainian defense technology companies. Now they are rapidly developing solutions for “high-tech warfare” and meeting the needs of the military-industrial complex. Ukraine has already amazed the world with its boldness, innovative solutions and effective application of new technologies (including those based on artificial intelligence and machine learning). Now it will need a quick coordinated effort for new developments based on modern artificial intelligence AI technologies. This will directly help to avoid losses in the human resource.

BRAVE1 for the accelerated and high-quality implementation of modern technologies and developments


BRAVE1 was created for the accelerated and high-quality implementation of modern technologies and developments as a communication technology hub for cooperation between defense technology companies, the state and the military. The company also attracts and invites caring investors, volunteer funds, interested individuals, the media and everyone who can bring Ukraine closer to victory in this terrible war for freedom and against tyranny.
Among other things, the BRAVE1 platform will provide grants to developers and promote the development of effective technological solutions in the military sphere.

Platform for the development of defense technologies BRAVE1

A unified coordination platform for the development of defense technologies BRAVE1 was presented in Ukraine. This is reported by the Ministry of Strategic Industries. In this context, artificial intelligence is planned to be introduced into some processes of this BRAVES1 platform. For this, appropriate consultations were held with leading experts in the field of artificial intelligence.

According to the head of the department Alexander Kamyshin, in order to establish the production of weapons and ammunition, the country needs modern technologies, as well as technologies based on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“They will make the production process faster, increase capacity and maximize the potential of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and weapons manufacturers. The BRAVE1 defense tech cluster will help make all this possible and significantly strengthen our military in the near future,” the minister stressed.

BRAVE1 activities

BRAVE1 activities are planned to focus on several areas, and here are some of them:

  • Invest. Allocation of grants to developers that are identified as priorities for the needs of the security and defense forces of Ukraine.
  • Inventory. Help security and defense forces find effective technological solutions among their own Ukrainian developers.
  • Platform. Creation of a platform that unites all stakeholders of the required industries.
  • Show case. Ensuring interaction with the Armed Forces of Ukraine by demonstrating new developments to them, receiving feedback on their use and making adjustments to production.
  • Boost. Support for priority security and defense projects.


  1. Register on a Brave1 portal
  2. Add your project or proposal to the system
  3. Get feedback and assistance from Brave1 team

Recall that in mid-March, the Ministry of Strategic Industry of Ukraine was given the task of providing the army with Ukrainian-made weapons as soon as possible and in the required quantity.

BRAVE1 defence cluster
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