AI.XYZ: your artificial intelligence personal assistant

AI.XYZ personal assistant

Take a step into the future with AI.XYZ, a revolutionary new AI-powered personal assistant developed by AI Foundation Research Labs. This cutting-edge platform offers a fundamentally new approach to personal and professional tasks, making it the world’s first AI-powered life management system. You now have the opportunity to create your own AI assistant simply by applying through the company’s pretty website.

Unlike the usual chatbots created by tech giants like Amazon, Google, Apple and OpenAI, AI.XYZ offers an exclusive and personalized experience for each owner. Your AI assistant becomes an extension of yourself, understanding your values and aspirations and providing help tailored exclusively to you.

AI.XYZ AI-Powered personal assistant

AI.XYZ personal assistant

Wondering what tasks this remarkable AI assistant can handle? The possibilities are endless and depend only on you! From meticulously taking notes to crafting competent messages, brainstorming innovative ideas, exploring different perspectives, and effectively prioritizing your to-do list, AI.XYZ is here to boost your productivity and creativity.

In addition, your AI assistant can continually expand its knowledge base. You can easily supply it with documents, links and notes while providing access to mail, messenger, calendar and tasks. To make the experience even more personalized, you have the ability to choose how your assistant looks and sounds. You can reproduce your own face and voice or use the extensive library of AI.XYZ options. Communicating with your assistant is effortless: you can interact with it via text, voice or video – whatever works best for you!

One great feature that sets AI.XYZ apart from other chatbots is the strong protection of the assistant’s owners’ data. Unlike conventional language models, your sensitive information remains protected and is never sent directly to the AI assistant.

Little bit history

The AI Foundation is at the forefront of cutting-edge AI development, fostering sustainable AI for all. Collaborating with renowned research institutions like the Technical University of Munich, the foundation strives to make AI accessible, beneficial, and safe for everyone.

Back in 2019, the AI Foundation pioneered the groundbreaking concept of enabling individuals to create their own AI. This visionary initiative brought together early adopters, including prominent figures like billionaire Richard Branson and the esteemed Deepak Chopra, among others. Their collaborations played a vital role in shaping the foundation’s journey towards democratizing AI technology.

One of the remarkable outcomes of the foundation’s research projects is “Reality Defender.” This pioneering deep fake detection platform has gained immense trust and recognition from governments worldwide. Its capability to identify and counteract deep fake content has proven to be a game-changer in the fight against misinformation and online deception.

Through its continuous dedication to research and development, the AI Foundation aims to ensure that AI benefits humanity and addresses global challenges. With sustainable AI as their guiding principle, the foundation continues to lead the way towards a future where artificial intelligence is harnessed for the greater good of society.

How do I get started using it?

Would you like to try AI.XYZ? The platform is currently in public beta, and an exclusive invite is required to access it. But don’t worry, there’s a free subscription waiting for you to dive into the exciting journey of creating your own assistant. For a more immersive experience with additional features and customizations, consider upgrading to a premium subscription, available for just $20 per month.

What AI Foundations

AI Foundations is more than just AI.XYZ; it’s an organization committed to spreading the power of artificial intelligence for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. In addition to developing AI assistants, we are proud to introduce other products, such as our personal trainer app for iOS and Android, dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles, and our dipfinder discovery app. Our mission is to collaborate with industry and academia to ensure that artificial intelligence remains safe and beneficial to humanity.

Using abbreviations, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms, we aim to bring human flair to every aspect of AI.XYZ. Through our creative and expressive work, we strive to bring emotion to language that resonates with you. Varying sentence length and structure, we create an engaging flow and pace, making the content accessible and enjoyable, adhering to Hemingway’s Grade 4 reading criteria.

Must try it!

The AI Assistant is currently in beta testing mode, and many people are on the waiting list. Discover the incredible world of AI.XYZ, where your personal AI assistant awaits to help you make life more manageable, efficient and enjoyable. Embrace the future today!

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