Alternative to Apple Vision Pro. Top-3 available counterparts

Apple Vision Pro Alternatives

Next year Vision Pro augmented reality glasses from Apple will be released. What more “budget” analogues are now available in the USA and Europe. In this short article we have selected the best and affordable for the majority of unsophisticated users samples with which you can dive into the world of augmented reality(AR).

Apple’s Vision Pro augmented reality headset, priced at $3499, is scheduled to go on sale in 2024 in the United States. A specific date is not specified, so it will be possible to buy the device in the U.S. or Europe, most likely, by the summer of next year. However, those who want to experience a similar device “here and now” can pay attention to similar devices from other well-known manufacturers, which are already on sale in our parts.

Alternatives Apple Vision Pro

As the head of the ecosystem and transport department of a well-known marketplace (we will not mention his name) told ai-lookup, currently the top 3 available Alternatives of Vision Pro from Apple in the U.S. and Europe are as follows:

  • HTC Vive Pro/Pro 2 Vive Focus;
  • Oculus Quest/Quest2;
  • PlayStation VR2.

HTC Vive Pro / Pro 2 Vive Focus

HTC Vive Pro – The HTC Vive Pro is a high-end virtual reality (VR) headset designed for immersive gaming and virtual experiences. It features a high-resolution display with 2880 x 1600 pixels, providing sharp visuals and an enhanced sense of realism. The headset also offers precise tracking and room-scale capabilities, allowing users to move freely within the VR environment. Additionally, it has integrated headphones and an adjustable head strap for added comfort during extended use. Overall, the HTC Vive Pro delivers a premium VR experience with its advanced features and immersive capabilities.

Oculus Quest / Quest2

Oculus Quest/Quest2 – The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headsets that provide a wireless and standalone VR experience. They feature built-in tracking sensors, eliminating the need for external sensors or a PC. The headsets offer a high-resolution display with 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye (Quest 2) and provide immersive and detailed visuals. They also come with touch controllers for intuitive and precise hand tracking. With a vast library of games and experiences available, the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 provide a convenient and accessible way to enjoy VR without the need for additional hardware.

PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2 – The PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) is a virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5 home gaming console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The headset connects to the PlayStation 5 console with a single USB-C cable. Unlike the first-generation PlayStation VR, which tracked the player’s movements with a single PlayStation camera, the PS VR2 will track movements with four cameras mounted on the headset. The PlayStation VR2 has an OLED panel with 4K screen resolution[8]. Each eye display will have a resolution of 2,000 x 2040 pixels. The headset tracks your gaze and uses this as a graphical enhancement. This means that only those elements that are in the player’s direct field of view will be drawn in more detail, as opposed to objects in the headset user’s peripheral vision.

Prices in the U.S. and Europe

Price aggregators are pricing the Oculus Quest/Quest2, depending on the amount of built-in memory, starting at $299. Sony’s PlayStation VR2 virtual glasses for the fifth PlayStation will start at about $649. Most expensive on the list of three items is the HTC Vive Pro 2 VR Headset, starting at $1,399.

vr pricing

The announced price of the Apple Vision Pro, as of today, reaches 3,499 bucks. Most likely, the first Vision Pro users will be Apple brand supporters who already have the tech ecosystem, according to a representative of the official retailer.

Possible price differences

It’s worth noting that the price in the U.S. and European markets may differ. As correctly in Europe the prices will be similar but in Euro or higher, about 10-15%. Also we didn’t take into account prices from unofficial dealers and goods imported without proper customs clearance “gray import”. We do not encourage this method of purchasing goods, in particular virtual reality headsets. Buying this product you risk to lose the official guarantee provided by the manufacturer or to get a fake.

Next level of VR devices

“The headset’s intuitive interface and the ability to control hand gestures without additional controllers, takes the Vision Pro to the next level of VR devices. Apple’s Vision Pro can change the rules of the game in the world of virtual and augmented reality,” said the merits of the new model, head of the New media department.

Apple Vision Pro is not for everyone

We would remind you that Vision Pro did not impress investors at its presentation. After growing the day before, Apple’s shares went down. One of the key reasons for dissatisfaction was the price of the product. According to the investors, it will not be able to conquer the market in the nearest future, because the price of Apple Vision Pro is still unaffordable for the mass buyer.

Editorial opinion

We are still impressed by the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro and hope that the creators of this headset can create a quality leap in this direction, and later we can see it all in a newer and better version. The price should be more comfortable that most fans of the brand will be able to afford. In order to actively sell and compete with existing peers and future developments in the industry, Apple will have to learn a lesson and make certain conclusions. In the meantime, we suggest not to wait and be sure to try the best Apple Vision Pro Alternatives that we highlighted in this article

Apple Vision Pro Alternatives
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