Avira Secure Browser: Review and Test of the Secure Web Client

Avira Secure Browser

If you want to surf the web more securely, you have several options: In addition to the basic benefits of “installing virus protection” (or not turning off the Defender built into Windows; MS Defender has been an antivirus tool since Windows 8 and even right for the first time with windows 10 and above is good) and “turn on common sense” there are measures to strengthen the PC. Virtualization is a tried and tested tool, but it requires a lot of resources. Sandboxing around virtualization and the so-called hypervisors involved here is also an option. In addition, the system settings can be changed in a very limited way.

What is Avira Secure Browser?

The free “Avira Secure Browser” for Windows is a web browser optimized for security and data protection. Chromium-based “Avira Secure Browser” features are designed to protect your privacy and prevent attacks from the Internet. This should make surfing the Internet safer. Avira Browser blocks dangerous websites and URLs, prevents access to fraudulent and phishing sites, comes with a secure password manager, and stops web tracking and fingerprinting. The Security & Data Protection Center gives you a quick overview of all security-related settings. Avira Addons allows you to install browser plug-ins that the manufacturer has classified as trustworthy. You can also install add-ons from the Chrome Web Store.

Avira web client works well?

If you don’t want to put more stress on your PC or put up with any loss of comfort with your Windows, dedicated privacy browsers can be considered: they don’t make your PC nearly immune to Windows malware the way Linux does. But some presets and/or built-in plugins allow you to monitor scripts during Internet sessions. The level of pest control can also be higher. We checked if Avira Secure Browser web client works well in this area.

Avira Secure Browser: “made in Germany” program

Many users associate Avira with “the antivirus program with the umbrella”. The company is not just a synonym for Avira AntiVir for some people (the antivirus/AV has been called “Avira Free Security” for some time), the company is also based in Germany. This speaks for good data protection and trustworthiness. However, the German origin is no longer quite true, because Avira, like AV competitor Avast, was taken over by the US company NortonLifeLock.

Avira Secure Browser

Since Avast previously – like itself – incorporated the Czech AV company AVG, a considerable software armada now belongs to the portfolio of the NortonLifeLock group. In addition to a number of antivirus tools, this includes the “CCleaner” tuning utility, which Avast – or the developer Piriform – bought. The TuneUp Utilities were once included in the AVG infrastructure, but are now only available in the subscription model and are now called AVG TuneUp. And Norton’s own PC tuning tool – Norton Utilities – is also involved. Battery saver tools with Avast and AVG in their names are added. Both in terms of optimization and security, some functions overlap: This certainly has something to do with the fact that the various applications sail under a common aegis. Sometimes optional subscription models – sometimes mandatory for permanent use (now also in CCleaner) – are apparently intended to contribute to NortonLifeLock’s consolidated profit. Meanwhile, G Data seems to be the only remaining relevant “real” German AV manufacturer.

The Avira Secure Browser has a slim interface. You actually surf the web at least a touch more securely. The prerequisite is that Avira can keep up with updates quickly enough; Chrome is first to update, fork vendors are always (more or less) behind.

Avast Free Antivirus or AVG AntiVirus Free: Both are pretty much the same

Today it seems almost irrelevant whether you use the trusty Avast Free Antivirus or AVG AntiVirus Free: both are pretty much equally equipped and get (almost) equally good test scores. It can be assumed that Avast antivirus is developing faster due to the latest innovations; but AVG’s free antivirus has a free hard drive file shredder, unlike Avast’s free antivirus. In this regard, AVG antivirus even has an advantage, despite being considered less common. Similarly, it almost doesn’t matter which company’s web browser you use: Avast Secure Browser, AVG Secure Browser, CCleaner Browser or Avira Secure Browser web client – surfing is the same in all of them. If you know one, you know them all pretty much. Reusing applications doesn’t make much sense, as the programs aren’t different enough from each other to justify the significant space consumption of a second SSD candidate. You can, of course, install multiple applications if you wish; By the way, they are not available on a portable basis. You don’t have to use the appropriate antivirus or CCleaner if you want to install the browser named after it.

Despite the fact that the browsers are largely the same: are you making a good catch with the Avira counterpart? Let’s consider the program below. There are some positive approaches. Very good: You don’t have to pay subscription fees for the included features. The pace is high, as is typical for Chromium engines.

Avira Secure Browser in the test: is the program convenient and secure?

When you open a new tab, Avira Secure Browser displays a page with tiles that list the websites you have recently visited. Clicking on these quick links will take you back to the corresponding site on the Internet. The weather report from AccuWeather is also on the top left of the page. When entering a search query in the address bar, Google or Bing is not used, as is the case with other web browsers, but Avira Safe Search. Behind this is the Ask web search, which some contemporaries have forgotten about as a once-famous competitor to Google.
Does the infamous Ask Toolbar still mean something to you? The Avira Safe Search presentation seems better to us than ask.com, as Avira’s research service has ten pages of search results linked at the bottom of the website instead of five. There is one advantage if you do not want to always stay on the search results page 1, but are willing to move to other lists of research results from time to time.
If you like Avira Safe Search, you can find it in the Chrome Store as a Google Chrome add-on, which means that entries in the address bar lead to Avira searches.

Don’t Give Trackers any Chance: Avira is Your Bodyguard

Avira Secure Browser features a built-in tracking blocker that works at a “basic” level by default. Optionally, you can enable “balanced” blocking or “strict” blocking as recommended by the ISP. It seems somewhat counterintuitive that a setting that is a recommendation is not used in the standard.
The blocking module for tracking items on websites is implemented as a “Privacy” add-on, which is visible in the add-on manager only when developer mode is enabled. Avira Password Manager (not enabled by default) and Avira Safe Search Plus are also installed as extensions. The last plug-in causes the web links listed in Avira Safe Search to receive a green symbol, which indicates that the respective web resource is trustworthy. Some use a browser add-on for this purpose, such as WOT (Web of Trust), which, however, gained notoriety due to the data scandal a few years ago. To critical people, Avira’s solution certainly seems more sympathetic to WOT, but unlike WOT, it doesn’t work with Google.

Avira has thought about embedding its own secure browser in a Fort Knox. This includes safe searches – as long as you stay in the manufacturer universe.

As usual with Chromium-based browsers, add-ons from the Google Chrome web store can be installed in the Avira browser. In addition, the surfing program manufacturer runs its own add-on store – including curated recommendations “that Avira trusts”. The range here is not as extensive as the regular Chrome Store, but the latter is only a click away.
When we tried to install an add-on from the Chrome Store in the test, the Avira Secure Browser web client warned of a possible risk. This protective barrier makes sense, since browser extensions are not always kosher. Web protection turned out to be a small savior in our random tests: Unlike the free antivirus solutions from Avast, AVG and Bitdefender, such a function is not available with Avira’s freeware antivirus, but the company’s browser has such a feature different approach, mainly free of charge. The module prevented us from accessing a well-crafted bitcoin trading scam phishing website. Google Chrome, on the other hand, allowed the site visit.
Users can find web protection and Extension Guard in the “Security & Data Protection Center”. Such is also the case with the safe surfing browsers from Avast, AVG and CCleaner.

How data protection affine is the Avira Privacy Browser?

There are now a number of special security browsers. We ran a sample using the website https://webbrowsertools.com/privacy-test, which gives a score when accessed. 100 is the best result. We were curious to see whether there were differences between the browsers from Avast, AVG, CCleaner and Avira web client – and whether the Firefox-based competitors “LibreWolf“, “Tor Browser” and “Mullvad Browser” could keep up.

We also highlighted Comodo IceDragon, which is based on Firefox, as well as Comodo Dragon, which is based on Chromium roots. The IceDragon hasn’t received any updates for a while. This was joined by the usual suspects of the “standard” browsers.

The test data protection results:

  • Avast Secure Browser: 35 / 100
  • AVG Secure Browser: 35 / 100
  • CCleaner Browser: 35 / 100
  • Avira Secure Browser: 35 / 100
  • Firefox: 35 / 100
  • Google Chrome: 30 / 100
  • Microsoft Edge: 30 / 100
  • Opera: 30 / 100
  • LibreWolf: 35 / 100
  • Tor Browser: 45 / 100 (winner)
  • Mullvad Browser: 45 / 100 (winner)
  • Comodo Dragon: 30 /100
  • Comodo IceDragon: 40 / 100

Avira Browser Download

It is worth noting that the browser is available in English and German, so keep this in mind before using this software. Link below is completely safe and personally verified by us. All responsibility for your actions rests solely with you.


Avira Safe Browser112.0.21186.141
Compatible operating systemsWindows 11, Windows 10
Program typefree software
LanguageEnglish, German
file size5.60 MB
ManufacturerAvira ( 32 more programs )
Category BrowsersFirefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.

Avira Secure Browser in the test: conclusion and alternatives

The Avira Secure Browser fork of Chromium requires almost 1 gigabyte of disk space. Other web clients based on Firefox are not as thick. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it on a small SSD, especially in combination with other browsers in the group (which also tend to be “heavy”). However, you can download and use the Avira app on its own. There is a good chance that the updates will arrive reliably, since the big supplier Avira is behind it. Security improvements saved us from phishing in the test. The especially secure web search is a nice addition, if you prefer to use Google you can switch the search engine to the market leader.

The browser looks thoughtful in key ways and gives beginners an extra layer of protection. Brave web surfers with the best technical knowledge don’t immediately “dip” when they step into muddy web territory out of curiosity. However, 100% security is illusory.

VPN is not in the software. Tor Browser, Mullvad Browser, and LibreWolf promise the best possible data protection while surfing because they don’t create a default timeline. Another thing is whether it is suitable for everyday use. The Avira counterpart, in turn, creates a history of URLs and is therefore a step ahead in terms of usability. Opera, on the other hand, provides a free VPN. The security benefits of the Avira browser do not seem to be very great compared to well-known browsers such as Firefox. But they don’t do that with competitors like Tor Browser or Mullvad Browser either; especially since Firefox, for example, can be upgraded with add-ons in terms of protection. With the Avira client, you are at least a little better protected from Internet threats, primarily from tracking scripts. In everyday life, the subject works inconspicuously and smoothly.
Helpful Hint: From the privacy panel, download Avira Free Security if you haven’t installed it yet. If an antivirus program has been installed, you can even launch it here with a single click. With Avast Secure Browser, which, like the NortonLifeLock team, also comes with such a security center, you invoke the installed Avast antivirus in exactly the same way.

Avira Secure Browser overview
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