Bing Chat now also recognizes images

bing chat image recognition

Microsoft is working on additional features for its Bing Chat AI service. Ai-Lookup shows what the new image recognition function is capable of.

Microsoft delivers improvements and innovations for its Bing Chat virtually every week. For example, the company from Redmond (Washington state) integrated the Bing Image Creator, a function for creating images, and upgraded the voice input and output. Now there’s the next useful feature: image recognition. Here’s what you can do with it:

Enchanced Image recognition in Bing Chat

According to a report from Windowslatest, the feature uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 vision model to recognize and understand objects in images. When asked, the auto-reply feature provides a detailed explanation of the image, such as using real-world examples. In addition, the image recognition feature can be used to create similar images. Twitter user Karsten Lehmann shows how he used the tool to identify an ancient Egyptian temple. To do this, all he had to do was ask “What is this place in the photo?” next to the image.

However, the picture recognition feature in Bing Chat can not only recognize objects and provide information about them, but also process texts in images. Another Twitter user used the new feature to have a mathematical equation explained to him.

Availability of image recognition in Bing Chat

Microsoft is currently distributing the new image\pictures recognition feature to a small group of users around the globe. After the update, the chosen ones will find a new option next to the voice icon to upload images to Bing Chat or insert images from the web and ask the chatbot to explain them. According to Windowslatest, the new feature should arrive to all users in the coming weeks. As Twitter user Leopeva64 shared back on June 10, 2023, Microsoft is also working on integrating the feature into its Edge browser.

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Bing chat image recognition
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