Bing Chat with ChatGPT: Just give it a try

Bing Chat

And the story continues: ChatGPT, the powerful AI, inspires users and brings movement into the IT scene – but also stirs up fears. Microsoft has integrated the tool into its Bing search engine – there was already talk of a Google killer. And Bing Chat with ChatGPT-4 is also making the headlines time and again. The new Bing has not only integrated GPT-4 as a tool, Microsoft is also constantly expanding the search tool. Now it can even talk. Attention: In the future, Bing should also work with other browsers. It already works with the Vivaldi browser.

Bing Chat – this is how it works

  1. Launch your Edge browser.
  2. Click the Bing icon in the upper right corner. Prerequisite: You are logged in to Microsoft with your account.
  3. Now a chat window appears on the right side that works with ChatGPT. Here you enter your question and click on the arrow next to it. After that, the answer will appear quite quickly with more info and links.

Searching is also already possible with the new Vivaldi. Here, too, you have to be logged in with your Microsoft account.

  1. Start Vivaldi and make sure you have at least version 6.1 installed.
  2. Start an Internet search using the search box next to the address bar with Bing. In the next window, click Chat. Simply enter your question in the search box and confirm with the Enter key.

Bing with ChatGPT: Large text box

Instead of Bing’s search bar, users will now find a spacious search field that can now accommodate up to 4,000 characters. This not only makes short search queries possible, as with Google, but also creates space for additions or examples related to more complex queries. Microsoft promises itself a better interpretation of the queries through several internal searches started simultaneously. For example, it would be possible to search for a restaurant that exactly matches the user’s preferences – including time and place. It should even be possible to schedule appointments via the search engine.

Bing Chat can talk – Alexa killer?

Up to now, the exchange with the virtual assistant was limited exclusively to text input and output. This is now changing on a grand scale. Microsoft implemented ChatGPT in its in-house search engine Bing at the beginning of 2023 and thus laid the foundation for a completely new type of web search. Now, the company is giving this feature a major boost and taking interaction with the chatbot to a new level. The Bing chatbot now has the ability to accept queries via voice input and to respond with its own voice via voice output – Bing Chat can talk! You get the answer in human-like voice output, as you are otherwise used to from assistance systems like Amazon’s Alexa. Here’s how it works: In the text input field of Bing Chat, simply click on the microphone icon on the right edge and speak your request – the answer will come in English.

Early first impressions of Bing with ChatGPT

Owen Yin, a Bing user, published a photo some time ago in which the familiar Bing search field mutates into a chat window or text box. The developers quickly undid the presumably unintentional live switch back then – but the Internet just never forgets. On Twitter, Yin even published screenshots of the new Bing version (see above).

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