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ChatGPT alternatives

ChatGPT is a real blessing for content creators: however, there are also some disadvantages as well as recurring problems with the tool. Personally, I use AI tools like ChatGPT mainly for brainstorming and smaller “research work”. ChatGPT is very helpful: at least as long as the tool works, there are no waiting times and the results are excellent. However, these basic requirements are (currently) not always given: Therefore I also use ChatGPT alternatives!

In this article, I present you the best ChatGPT alternatives: With my experiences and ratings!

My favorites as ChatGPT alternatives

For me, there are exactly two excellent ChatGPT alternatives that I have been using myself for some time:

  • Jasper AI
  • Neuroflash

I’ve been using both tools as ChatGPT alternatives for a few weeks (and now months)!

ChatGPT Alternative 1: Neuroflash

Neuroflash (link to Neuroflash >>) is especially interesting for English content: that’s what the software specializes in.

The story behind Neuroflash

From 2018 to 2020, Neuroflash took its first steps toward a scalable approach by developing a proprietary (i.e., purpose-built and proprietary) software application.

In the summer of 2021, the current company was founded, and the team operated under the umbrella of a limited liability company while simultaneously adopting a new strategy: according to Neurolink’s Aussabe, the vision was to develop high-quality AI texting software capable of becoming the quality leader in Europe. This is achieved through a unique combination of artificial intelligence, data sciences and market research.

In 2022, the team had a successful launch and is just at the beginning of a long journey. The focus is on the “AI Texter” application, launched in March 2022, which helps companies create content that maximally supports their brand identity and positioning and gets into people’s minds through efficient and high-quality communication.

Neurolink is particularly well suited as a English ChatGPT alternative.

ChatGPT Alternative 2: Jasper Chat (Jasper AI)

Jasper Chat (link to Jasper >>) has a number of features that make it especially interesting as a ChatGPT alternative.

He has a wide knowledge of many topics and is “almost” up to date. Jasper has learned the knowledge from many articles, forums and videos published on the Internet: However, everything before the end of 2021. This allows Jasper to talk about complex topics in great depth.

The design of Jasper Chat is easy to understand and use. Also, interacting with artificial intelligence can be difficult at times, but Jasper Chat has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy. Commands and such can be communicated easily.

Jasper also remembers what was said earlier in the conversation to better understand what is being talked about. With Jasper Chat you can quickly and easily create content that you can generate in 29 languages. Jasper Chat is also fun – for example, when you can do many things with it, such as write poems, tell jokes and even generate daily horoscopes.

As a ChatGPT alternative, it’s definitely worth it!

ChatGPT Alternative 3: DeepL Write

DeepL is mainly known as a translation tool that gives better results than Google Translate. Now it has recently focused on improving texts in the same language by improving spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as phrasing with the web app DeepL Write. So there are certain parallels to ChatGPT.

DeepL Write uses an AI to improve texts and the operation is similar to the translator tool. One can write or copy a text into the left field of DeepL Write using DeepL and within a few seconds suggestions for improvement are made in the right field.

Grammar or punctuation errors are corrected and there are wording suggestions. All this can be used by copy-and-paste. DeepL Write is a very young project and is currently only available in the beta phase, but is constantly being developed and improved.

As a ChatGPT alternative, DeepL is primarily suitable for translations; DeepL cannot map other AI applications.

ChatGPT Alternative 4: Chatsonic / Writesonic

Break the limitations of ChatGPT? The next tool in this series promises no less.

Meaningfully as follows, Chatsonic writes:

Writesonic is a powerful tool for creating fact-based content, including current events and topics. It uses the latest information from Google’s Knowledge Graph to stay up to date.

Using technologies like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, Writesonic gives accurate and up-to-date information, unlike ChatGPT, which is limited by the data it has been trained to use. Writesonic is an advanced alternative to ChatGPT that allows users to create accurate and compelling content about current topics.

Here’s how Chatsonic describes itself on its website:

“A revolutionary AI like Chat GPT – Writesonic, the conversational AI chatbot is built to beat all the limitations of ChatGPT by Open AI. Unlock the future of automation and content with a Chat GPT alternative, ChatSonic!”

The promises and application purposes of this ChatGPT alternative as follows:

“Forget about spending hours typing details about what you want to create. With ChatSonic (the ultimate alternative to ChatGPT), you can now easily give voice commands. Best of all, it responds in one voice, just like Siri or Google Assistant.”
“Writesonic, similar to ChatGPT, uses NLP to understand voice commands and automatically create accurate, relevant and engaging content.”
“Chatbots are computer programs programmed to mimic human conversations. They are designed to understand and interpret user input, usually in the form of text or voice commands. A conversational AI chatbot is used to automate customer service tasks, provide customer support and even generate sales leads.”
“With the ChatGPT free alternative – ChatSonic, you can create content using voice commands without any manual effort. Prepare to make content creation more efficient and enjoyable!”
Both Chatsonic and Writesonic can be interesting alternatives to ChatGPT: With some training time.

ChatGPT Alternative 5: Frase

“Frase” can also be used as a ChatGPT alternative that performs certain tasks.

On the Frase website, it is written, mutatis mutandis:

“Quickly and easily create content presets optimized for specific search queries instead of spending hours creating them. With Frase, by analyzing, slicing and centralizing the best content on the web, you can get the job done in minutes. It allows you to create complete and optimized content presets in 6 seconds, review the most important keywords, headings and concepts from SEO competitors, and create and save custom preset templates to simplify your workflow.”

ChatGPT Alternative 6: Perplexity

Perplexity, similar to ChatGPT, has a direct “Ask anything” input field, and thus bears a strong resemblance to ChatGPT.

Perplexity AI is an answer engine that uses large language models to provide accurate answers to complex questions. “Ask” is powered by large language models and search engines.

The accuracy of the output results is limited by the search results and the AI’s capabilities.

Caution: it may generate inappropriate or dangerous content. Perplexity is not liable for generated content.

ChatGPT Alternative 7: Mindverse

Now we come to ChatGPT alternative called “Mindverse“: also interesting for creators and marketers.

Mindverse is a tool that helps to save the resource of creativity. It assists with copywriting by providing an AI copywriter wizard.

“You can use it to create promotional headers, short texts, product highlights and much more. So you can focus on more important things while the AI writes for you, and let a machine’s creativity surprise you and convince you of your own humanity.” … that’s the promise.

With Mindverse, you have the beautiful opportunity to brainstorm together with ther AI technology. For example: Develop new and original approaches to thinking about opportunities and products.

Other good ChatGPT alternatives

The ChatGPT alternatives listed above are probably the most useful tools available for classic AI tasks.

However, other ChatGPT alternatives such as the following might also be of interest:

  • Chincilla
  • Bloom
  • Replica
  • LaMDA
  • Elsa Speak
  • YouChat
  • Kuki AI
  • Deepmind Sparrow

To test all these ChatGPT alternatives individually would hardly be feasible. However, the first software tools and AI tolls presented by me should not be ignored at all!

Conclusion: ChatGPT alternatives as useful tools

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