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The image generator DALL-E used to cost money. Now you can use the successor version Dall-E 2 for free. Ai-lookup explains how you can best test DALL-E 2.

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Some are totally enthusiastic, others can’t hear it anymore: AI services like ChatGPT are conquering the digital world, interesting people, making them curious, but also stirring up fears. With DALL-E 2 there is another project of ChatGPT developer OpenAI – an image generator that works with artificial intelligence and creates images according to your specifications. The tool is now even available for free. Ai-lookup explains the service and how you can really use it for free.

What can DALL-E 2 do?

DALL-E and its successor DALL-E 2 are computer programs developed by OpenAI that create images from text descriptions. The name says it all, combining the animated robot Wall-E from the movie of the same name with the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. The web app DALL-E 2 is a text-to-image generator that uses trained artificial intelligence (AI) to create computer-generated images from text input. In this way, DALL-E 2 creates realistic-looking photos, artistic paintings or drawings, and variations thereof. The AI program can be used directly online with the web app.

The AI algorithm developed by the US company OpenAI understands natural words and text descriptions, concepts, attributes and styles, combines it all and merges it into an image. In addition, it extends images as desired. For example, the software can change or expand the background of the “Mona Lisa” and turn the portrait into a landscape oil painting, for example. The international online magazine The Decoder describes an AI attempt to see what the “Mona Lisa” would look like with a whole body. Software like DALL-E processes images, removes elements, adds elements or creates shadows, reflections and textures that look like parts of the original.

How does DALL-E 2 work?

The user interface of DALL-E 2 is kept simple: You send your text-image command, the so-called prompt, to the AI system via an input field by pressing a key. After a short waiting time, four images are displayed.

DALL-E 2: First steps

To create your own works with DALL-E 2, proceed as follows. Attention: Currently this only works if you have received your account until April 6, 2023. However, this may change again.

  1. Go to the website at https://openai.com/product/DALL-E-2.
  2. Click on Try DALL-E.
  3. Create an account and follow the instructions.
  4. Make sure that you enter a valid phone number, because you will need it to confirm your account with the sent code.
  5. Once this has worked, click Continue and Start creating with DALL-E.
  6. Enter an image description in English in the command line, you will also see an example there. Then click Generate. If you can’t think of a description, click Surprise me, and the program will surprise you with a creation of your own.

In some tests – users also report about it – there were problems with access and with the credit system again and again, see next section. This may be due to a high server load, maintenance work or the wrong browser at a certain time. In this case, please try again later.

Credit system: Costs for DALL-E

OpenAI’s image generator DALL-E was initially available for a fee. But the manufacturer made it usable for free. To use the AI image generator, you only need a user account at OpenAI. However, only a limited number of real free trials are possible, because now you need so-called credits to create more images. After you have used up your 50 initial credits, OpenAI will “give” you 15 credits per month.

Currently, all this only works as described above if you got your account before April 6, 2023. If you want more credits or if you got your account after April 6, 2023, you will have to pay real money: 115 credits cost about 15 US dollars, which is about 13.50 euros. More detailed information about the current credit system can be found at OpenAI.

Try DALL-E for free in Bing and Edge

Microsoft unveiled its AI-powered versions of Bing and Edge in February 2023. Subsequently, the company designed Bing visually. For this purpose, the US corporation integrated the so-called Bing Image Creator into the new Bing and the Edge browser. The basis of the tool is OpenAI’s DALL-E model.

DALL-E mini (Craiyon) free of charge

DALL-E mini, meanwhile renamed Craiyon, is another OpenAI development. This web tool also belongs to the image-generating artificial intelligence. In the text field of Craiyon you enter the desired terms, Craiyon creates nine images based on your input, which you can use.

The best AI services for testing

Artificial intelligence doesn’t just help with creating images. Ai-lookup has taken a closer look at other AI software. Try out a few AI services for yourself.

Does AI make artists obsolete?

Among freelance artists, of course, there is fear: Will I still get commissions? Will AI replace real art? Cover examples of records or computer games give reason to fear this. Various media such as Fundscene report on the demise of artists, the “Handelsblatt” rants about an upheaval in the art market, Netzpolitik speaks of an outcry among artists.

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