GPT-4 Release: OpenAI is not yet just for everyone


OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI release is going from strength to strength. Recently, the developers announced the release of the improved version GPT-4. Bing is already working with it.
GPT-4 is here and it’s driving the entire tech world crazy – and not just them. The AI chatbot ChatGPT is conquering humanity, and even a mega-corporation like Google seems impressed. So the triumphant march continues. Because with GPT-4, OpenAI has a new version of the speech protocol at the start, which can do even more – and is better. All information about the release and the software can be found at Ai-lookup.

GPT-4: Not available for everyone – but you can still get it!

GPT-4 is supposed to deliver better results than the previous variants, as OpenAI announced in the night of March 15, 2023. The problem that the app has too much imagination and declares made-up things as facts should occur less often. GPT-4 should be able to analyze images well and describe them with words. But: OpenAI does not make this function available to all users for the time being.

In general, only OpenAI’s paying customers will initially have access to the latest version of ChatGPT. While the free version of the chatbot still relies on the older language model GPT-3.5, the new version is so far reserved for users of the paid Pro version. Products from OpenAI customers such as Duolingo and Microsoft Bing, which have been using GPT-4 for some time, are an exception. Thanks to the Moment 2 update, you can also use Bing directly via the Windows 11 search function.

This is what the manufacturer promises for GPT-4

GPT-4 is now capable of processing more than 25,000 words of text, for example, which makes a real analysis of documents possible. The AI can also work with images and generate captions, it adds. GPT-4 is also “more creative as well as more collaborative” and, in cooperation with users, is even capable of composing songs, writing entire screenplays or learning and copying a user’s writing style.

What is GPT-4?

If you asked the software in version 3.5 about the 4 variant, not much came up: “I am ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI. There is currently no official announcement of a new version of ChatGPT called ‘ChatGPT-4’. OpenAI does not disclose information about planned releases of models or updates.”

GPT-4 Release

Why is GPT-4 so good?

Due to a larger database of GPT-4, ChatGPT is supposed to deliver better answers than in version 3.5. As reported by, the new version is supposed to process natural language better, be more accurate, show an improved flow of conversation as well as better analysis. An integrated facial recognition technology for analyzing user emotions in order to react to them in the “conversation” is even planned.
According to the news portal, all this is possible because GPT-4 works with more than 100 trillion parameters. By comparison, the ChatGPT 3.5 tool “only” accesses 175 billion parameters to get the job done. The authors of the site speak of “a massive growth of its learning capabilities as well as its potential applications” and of a “quantum leap”.

What OpenAI said about GPT-4 release

But OpenAI CEO Sam Altman always wants to keep things in the village, and is foaming at the mouth to slow down expectations – as well as public fears. He did so in an interview with Strictly-VC. TN3 even writes that he calls the expectations “bullshit”, meaning big crap. Altman thus rejects all those who hope or fear that OpenAI has published a so-called Artificial General Intelligence with ChatGPT-4. That a software really understands all tasks, quasi like a human being, is unrealistic in his view. In a Twitter post, he once again expressed his criticism of ChatGPT-4 release.

Copilot of Microsoft 365 with GPT-4

After Bing, Edge and Windows 11, the Office programs are now benefiting from ChatGPT-4. Word should soon write texts according to your wishes, Outlook will automatically send invitations for your daughter’s high school graduation party. Copilot, for example, will create PowerPoint presentations based on personal data such as calendar entries, e-mails, chats as well as other documents of the users. Artificial intelligence makes it possible. The technology used by Microsoft is based on the GPT-4 language model. All this and much more was announced by Group CEO Satya Nadella on March 16, 2023 in Redmond (Washington state) during a presentation of the Copilot. Initially, the company is testing the tool with 20 selected (commercial) customers, with more to be added in the coming months. Additional details and pricing information will follow.

How did OpenAI achieve the renewed improvements?

The developers gathered more human feedback from the user community to improve GPT-4’s behavior. OpenAI also worked with more than 50 experts to improve on AI security. Ai-lookup also told you about GPT-4 in another article.

GPT-4 from OpenAI
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