Microsoft is hard at work on the new Outlook.

The new Outlook

The new Outlook is said to have a lot of new and old features – such as enabling background images for the reading pane.

Microsoft will soon be replacing the current client

The program should then contain the well-known function again: the background image for the reading area is approached.
Microsoft will soon be replacing the current Outlook UWP (UWP: Universal Windows Platform) app with the new Outlook for Windows. The web app for Windows is based on Outlook on the web and will receive new features by the time of release that, among other things, will allow users to be more individual or personalized.

Outlook: background image for reading pane

Users can already test the new Outlook in preview by activating button in the upper right corner of the window. This version aims to replace the rather unpopular Windows mail app. However, because they previously had the ability to display a background image in the Outlook reading pane, Microsoft plans to add this feature to Outlook on the web and the new Windows web app in June 2023.

  • does this sound familiar to you? The ability to download background images for the Outlook reading pane is already available in the program as part of Office 365. Here’s how it works:
  • In mail client, click the “Settings” icon in the lower left corner.
  • In the settings menu, click Personalization. Here you will find various options to customize microsoft mail client. You can change the color and mode. If you want to select a preset background image, just click on it.
  • If you want to upload your own image, click “Browse”, select the appropriate image from the folder and click “Open”.

There are many ways to personalize Outlook. Microsoft has big plans for the new Outlook.

The new Outlook

New Outlook: more options

So Microsoft’s plan to allow background images for the new mail client reading pane in June is on the shelf. Before that, the group wants to launch other functions. The function for different profiles has already been introduced. Other things the Redmond-based company plans to add to Outlook in the near future are voice-composed emails and the ability to capture video from your phone in the Outlook mobile app and then download them directly to email.

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