Midjourney 5.2: Photo AI has an awesome zoom out feature

Midjourney zoom out feature

Midjourney’s AI-powered image generator creates cool images. Now there is an exciting feature that amazes users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming an everyday companion, with AI services now on everyone’s lips. Some diligently consult ChatGPT when it comes to writing an application or answering a knowledge question, while others pay homage to photo artists like Midjourney. It’s always handy – and impressive. It shows a feature that makes the rounds online. Meet Midjourney zoom out feature!

Picture-in-picture on picture-in-picture

Feature: you don’t need any prior knowledge of image processing to use the Midjourney web app, and you can still create giant pictures. A short text command — aka a prompt — is enough, and, boom, the AI tool delivers. Midjourney received a major update in June 2023. In v5.2, you shrink an image created with a text command. This creates additional content around the image, according to the BGR website. So the AI breaks down the attributes around it. For now, choose between single and double zoom.

Midjourney zoom out feature
an example of zoom out feature

Midjourney Zoom Out competitor

This feature may sound familiar to you because, relatively recently, Adobe added an artificial intelligence-based feature to Photoshop with its Generative Fill feature that allows you to do something similar. You open or select the image you want, and then tell Adobe Photoshop to generate an even larger image with your added image in the center. The program generates visual content for the edges of the resolution area you want.

Generative Fill took over all the tracks and social media a few weeks ago when the release of Photoshop with this feature came out.

Midjorney Custom Zoom

Scale as you want and change the tooltip

Custom zoom allows you to change the tooltip before the image expands, giving you more control over the finished photo. For example, changing the cue to “Picture Framed on the Wall” gives you this result:

Midjourney custom zoom

Unfortunately, Zoom Out cannot be used to process third-party images: it only works with photos created with Midjourney. 📸

Midjourney – all the information in one review

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