A comprehensive review of seo tool

468 is a powerful SEO tool that will become an indispensable tool for any webmaster or anyone looking for a drop or expired domain at an affordable price.

As a content writer who has had the opportunity to use, I can say that this is an effective and cheap tool that I used to improve my site’s search engine rankings from the very beginning. This is not just a tool, it is an online platform that can find the necessary expired domains, analyze them and purchase exactly what is best suited for your online project.

In this review, I will give you our editorial opinion of including its features, advantages and disadvantages. I will also explain how this can help you improve your SEO efforts and outperform the competition in your online project.

What is tool? is an online tool that allows you to find and buy expired or abandoned domains with quality backlinks. It uses a sophisticated and proprietary algorithm to identify and analyze backlink domains from authoritative websites, which can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings.
One of’s unique features is its ability to identify spam backlinks and filter them out. This is very important because backlinks can hurt your site’s search engine rankings, and identifying and removing them can help improve your site’s overall search engine optimization.
SpamZilla contains millions of expired domains that you can buy or you can also bid on auction domains. The best part is that SpamZilla adds 350,000+ domains daily and puts them up for auction.

What are expired domains?

Expired domains are website domain names that were previously registered by someone else but have now lapsed and become available for re-registration. When a domain name expires, it means that the original owner did not renew their ownership of the domain by paying the renewal fee to the domain registrar. This makes the domain available for purchase or registration by anyone who wishes to own it.

Expired domains might appeal to certain individuals or enterprises because they may already possess existing traffic, backlinks, or search engine ranking that can be beneficial in constructing a new website or enhancing the search engine optimization (SEO) of an existing website. Nevertheless, it is important to take note that not all expired domains are valuable or suitable for every purpose, and some may harbor a negative history that can deleteriously impact your online reputation. Hence, it is imperative to conduct thorough research before acquiring any expired domain.

expired domain

SpamZilla is just the service that helps you find what you need and buy it.

Where to buy expired domains?

Too many work cases where people bid on expired and auctioned domains because these domains have a previous ranking inherited from the previous owner and can hold tremendous SEO value. That is why I recommend using this service. The service website is just right for this.

where to buy expired domain

How can you use expired domains?

Create your own website
Building a site with an already “pumped” expired domain would be a much easier SEO strategy than building a site with a newly registered domain. You need to put in a lot more effort and work even harder if you’re building an authoritative site with a new domain.

You can take full advantage of the SpamZilla service by simply purchasing an expired domain from them.

For quality backlinks
You can take advantage of the link weight of an expired domain. The SpamZilla service is perfect for this task.
You can create your own website by linking your domain to a newly created website purchased from SpamZilla. Just prepare your site by adding the necessary content to it and set up link redirects to the required one.

Redirect site
If you don’t want to build a site on an abandoned domain and want to pass link building directly to your main website, you can easily redirect the domain to your main site using a 301 redirect.

If the backlinks had a high SEO value, then after redirecting they will help your main website gain the same value.

Now many are engaged in the resale of domains. They buy expired and auction domains with the aim of reselling them in the near future. This process is called a domain switch. You can also go into this type of business. Simply buy a domain through an auction and then continue to increase its SEO value and backlinks. In the future, you will be able to sell it at a very favorable and tasty price.

Features service has all the features that make it an essential tool for any serious SEO marketer. Here are some of its most relevant features:

Domain search

Domain search. This feature allows you to search for expired domains based on specific criteria such as keyword, backlink profile, and domain authority.

Backlink Analyzer

Backlink Analyzer – This feature provides you with detailed information about any domain’s backlink profile, including the number of backlinks, referring domains, and the text that was placed on it. There are 12 tabs available on Spamzilla with the data that it has already analyzed in the database. To aid your spam checking processes, their algorithms have already processed over a million expired and auction domains. You can also apply filters. Of course, you can additionally turn to the Web Archive(wayback machine)  service if you need to verify the authenticity and make several checks to be sure.

Spam Filter

Extended Spam Filter – This feature helps you identify spam backlinks and weed them out, which can help improve your site’s overall SEO. They have over 80 filters to help you find the best SEO stats from a wide variety of sources like Ahrefs, Majestic, Alexa, SEMRush, etc. With these filters, you can easily select auction, expired or expiring domains

Domain auctions

Domain auctions. This feature allows you to bid on expired domains that meet your specific criteria. I’ll make a reservation here: there are several more popular services actively promoting on the Internet, such as namechip or goudeddy. But we will talk about them in a separate article. In any case, I am not ready to recommend their use as competitors to

Benefits of

Time Saver. is a time saver tool that allows you to find and analyze expired domains quickly and efficiently.
High quality backlinks. By using the service, you can get high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites that will definitely improve your website’s search engine rankings when used correctly.
Competitive advantage. With, you can gain an edge over your competitors by uncovering hidden opportunities and acquiring high-quality backlinks they may have missed. Well, or some of them were definitely lost.
SEO improvement. By identifying and removing spam backlinks, can help improve your site’s overall SEO and search engine rankings.

Disadvantages of

Price. is not a free tool, the cost of which may not be affordable for people who are used to freebies. I can hardly call this a serious drawback, since this tool is quite affordable for small businesses or individuals who are willing to invest at least a little money in their future project.

Learning is a tool that requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to use effectively. In any case, a webmaster or marketer must have the necessary knowledge. You can always read the guide and refer to the right materials before you start working with this service.

Limited free trial. The free trial is limited to twenty-five free domain checks per month, so you may not have the time or opportunity to fully explore its features. Here I will say the following – it would be possible to make more requests, because those who are going to “seriously” buy anyway, as experienced users of this service go through hundreds of domains before deciding to buy. Little insight: you can register on the service again and get access to new domain checks (no more than 25 at a time)

SpamZilla price plan service comes with affordable pricing plans. The service even offers a free plan where you can view 25 domains per month. While the paid plan allows you to view all domains and has advanced features. Let’s take a look at the pricing plans offered by SpamZilla together.

Free: $0 per month

The free version offers basic access, which allows you to view up to 25 domains per month. This will give you the opportunity to determine the most important parameters and whether your domain names are spam.

Standard: $37/month

There are other features of the standard version that are worth a closer look. Important ones are: an expired domain database that you can view, and the ability to view a domain’s backlink profile. Spamzilla contains millions of expired domains. The service database, according to the developer, is updated daily.

In this plan, you will find the following features:

·        Access to database base of expired domains
·        Automatic spam check powerrfull feature
·        Domain backlink data
·        1850 credits for personalized domain lists
·        80+ database filters
·        Daily emails about newly added domains

I hope our review you correctly dear readers and you have a clear understanding of SpamZilla’s tool pricing plans. Personally, I recommend that you get started with the Standard plan, as it not only helps you find cool expired domains, but it also includes a lot of useful tools that make it quick and easy to find reliable domains in a short amount of time.

How to get spamzilla discount coupon?

Are you looking for a way to save money using Spamzilla? Well, I’m here to tell you how to get a Spamzilla discount coupon.
First, I understand how nice it can be to find a coupon or discount for a tool you really need. We also started with a small budget and we understand how important it is to invest in a certain budget. Especially when you know it can drastically cut your costs and take your business to the next level.

The good news is that there are multiple ways to get a Spamzilla discount coupon. I will list them below:

1. Subscribe to their newsletter

One of the easiest ways to get coupon is to subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on social media. This way you will be the first to know about upcoming promotions or discount codes.

2. Check third party coupon websites

Another way to get a coupon is to check third party coupon websites. While it may not be as effective, it’s worth trying to save some money.

3. Try to contacting Spamzilla support

You can also try contacting Spamzilla support and ask if they have coupons or discounts available. They may offer you a special offer or point you in the direction of any ongoing promotions.

spamzilla discount coupon

Let me tell you, getting a Spamzilla discount coupon may not be as easy as it seems at first glance, but not impossible. Don’t give up, be patient and try some of the tips mentioned above. If your project and plans can wait a bit, I’m sure you’ll find the discount coupon you need.

Editorial opinion is a niche but essential tool for a webmaster or SEO marketer looking to pick up a great drop. It is filled with features that make it a powerful tool for picking up abandoned or expired domains, analyzing their link mass, doing all sorts of checks using the filters built into the software, and getting the desired result.

While this service may require some skill, the benefits of using far outweigh the drawbacks. At a minimum, its price is an order of magnitude lower than competitors such as godeddy and namechip. If you are serious about improving the ranking of your site in search engines, then is the tool you need to look at
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