Superchat: A new online service based on AI GPT-4

Superchat ai app

Superchat ai app: You can talk with the mythical Zeus, Queen Cleopatra or the scientist – Einstein: a new online service based on AI has appeared in the USA

The application Superchat ai app will be able to talk with several AI-based chatbots at once, created using the already familiar OpenAI and Midjourney technologies.

Superchat ai app

US-based Gorilla Technologies this April released a brand new AI-powered chat app called Superchat that will allow iPhone and Android users to chat with ChatGPT-based virtual identities.

The personalities include both famous historical characters such as the English playwright William Shakespeare, the scientist Albert Einstein, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra or the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, as well as characters from the works of classic stories or fairy tales – Snow White or Sherlock Holmes, as well as representatives of various professions, such as:

  • postman
  • cleaners
  • electricians
  • oilmen
  • nurses.

Chat GPT helper – Aria

In addition, Gorilla has created its own characters, such as the standard ChatGPT helper. Her name is Aria. She can handle day-to-day tasks like emailing or keeping track of scheduled tasks.

“The goal is to make AI technology accessible to everyone, not just those who know how to use it… I think this app will be a great tool for students and kids who want to learn more about history by interacting with cool characters like Shakespeare,” said Gorilla CEO Guglielmo Faglioni.

Superchat ai app is designed as a messaging application

According to CEO Guglielmo Faglioni, Superchat is designed as a messaging application, which allows users to have multiple conversations with different AI chatbots at the same time, which are based on OpenAI technologies, and their images are generated using the Midjourney program.

Some characters in superchat are available completely free when you download the app, while others can be unlocked with a premium subscription. The app’s cheapest plan is $1.35 per week with an annual subscription of around $70 and a weekly subscription of $6.99.

Prices are low because the orientation is to cover the costs of using OpenAI APIs, and the company assures that family access is supported, so families with multiple family members can use one subscription as part of family access.

Note that we think this is an interesting idea – putting a face on the AI and having it interact with the user in the style of their character.

Superchat AI app – Not ideal product

What’s frustrating in superchat: the characters themselves could have used more configurations – beyond presenting themselves as the character in question, their later interactions don’t seem to elicit speech patterns to make them sound like the character they represent. For example, you might expect Dracula to interrupt conversations with Bwhahaha, but instead he responded just like any other chatbot with artificial intelligence. Other characters did a little better. For example, Zeus told us how he could create lightning bolts himself, after explaining how lightning works in the real world.

Noticed that the characters, know their story and will include it in their conversations, but their speech style is more like the general AI.


As a result, Superchat ai app doesn’t compare to the experience offered by competitor Poe, the chatbot app from Quora, where users can now create their own bots using prompts. The company says it’s working to make the characters’ speech style more in line with their personalities.

Gorilla Technologies isn’t the only one thinking about pairing AI with a character or avatar lately in Superchat.

Meta also said it is experimenting with AI chats in Messenger and WhatsApp, and today Discord is offering a bot with ChatGPT-like features.

Superchat ai app hopes to capitalize on AI chatbot hype

Superchat ai app isn’t necessarily trying to invent new technology, but rather hopes to capitalize on the hype surrounding AI chatbots, a market in which user spending in apps has grown more than 4,000% year over year, as of March, to reach nearly $3 million in the most popular apps. According to our data as of last month, the top 10 mobile apps with artificial intelligence have already brought in more than $14 million this year. Targeting a younger audience with an experience very similar to messaging, its chatbots seem more accessible than going to the OpenAI website.

The Superchat ai app app can be downloaded for free on iOS using this link.
Superchat ai app
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