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Windows 11 KB5028185 Update
Microsoft has released a new feature update for Windows 11. In addition to fixing security issues, patch KB5028185 launches a number of useful features. Since May 2023, impatient Windows 11 users have had the opportunity to get the optional Moment 3 update for the operating system and test a number...
Windows 12
Although more than 70 percent of all Windows PCs worldwide are still running Windows 10, according to industry portal statcounter.com, Microsoft has long been working on the successor to Windows 11. The rumor mill has been bubbling since the summer of 2022, and indications suggest that Windows 12 (codenamed...
windows 11 april update KB5025239
Windows 11 april update KB5025239 for Windows 11 causes serious problems for some users. You can do this if you are affected. Windows 11 april update KB5025239 - Microsoft regularly delivers the so-called patch day updates on the second Tuesday of the month. Since April 11, 2023, the software giant...



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