Top 10 Artificial Intelligence AI services to test!

AI services to test

AI services to test. Besides ChatGPT, there are numerous other fascinating AI projects. AI-lookup has collected the best AI services that you can test yourself!

Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips at the moment. ChatGPT & Co. provide fun and amazement in numerous areas. The services provide answers to simple and complex questions, write entire essays or generate images as well as pieces of music through simple user input. For example, the service Midjourney uses artificial intelligence to create around 275,000 images a day from its users’ ideas. Ai-lookup has summarized here which AI services are easy to try out and what you can do with them. We invite you use AI services to test!

Midjourney: The AI image service

The AI service Midjourney creates graphics and images on demand – no matter what motif comes to mind. Prerequisite: a good command of English. Also note that the AI only creates the first 25 images for free. Here’s how to succeed with your first works:
Go to, and click on Join the Beta. You will now be redirected to a subpage of the online chat service Discord. Register there with your data and follow the further instructions.
Once you have finished registering with Discord, you will be taken to a chat that seems very confusing at first glance. In the left column, switch to a channel that contains the word “Newbies”. Now enter the command /imagine in the lower chat column, followed by the desired subject in English. In the example, the command was something like /imagine a mechanical sheep. After a few seconds, Midjourney starts creating your graphic in the upper chat window, of which you get four variants. Since the chat is constantly updating, you have to keep scrolling to keep track of your images. After the trial period of 25 images, you can subscribe to the service starting at $8 (about 7.30 euros) per month. We purpose this service to test at first!

Talk to Books: The well-read AI

Talk to Books is an experimental AI service from Google’s labs. The AI answers questions posed by you with quotes from works of world literature, but also from non-fiction books.
You can access the service via the website Simply enter a question on any topic in the bar labeled Say something to books. Talk to Books will then present you with a variety of quotes from books on that exact topic.
Tip: Theoretically, it is possible to ask your questions in German; however, in testing, this hardly yielded any useful results. When asked the same question in English, the AI provided significantly more and much more appropriate quotes.

Relight: Photo AI

The ClipDrop service helps you relight photos that are too dark or incorrectly exposed.
You can reach Relight via the website relight. Simply drag a photo into the box labeled Click or drop a file here to start testing, and then place the virtual light sources until you like the result. Finally, click on the Download button in the top bar to download your finished image.

DeepL Write: The AI copywriter service

The Cologne-based start-up DeepL has caused quite a stir so far with its translation service of the same name. That’s because DeepL delivers particularly natural-sounding translations. Now the provider is attacking with its new writing aid DeepL Write. With it, your German or English texts can be analyzed and improved.
At the moment, DeepL Write – like ChatGPT – is in a beta phase, which the manufacturer opened to everyone in January 2023. Here’s how to try it out:
On the website, first select between German, British and American English.
Then type the desired text into the input field. Alternative formulations immediately appear in a second field next to it, corrected for any grammar and spelling errors. The tool is also supposed to improve the writing style and standardize it depending on the context. The Internet service is currently free, but may still contain errors in the beta phase.

Dall-E: The AI graphic artist

Dall-E is a service that creates small graphics, photos or cartoons of subjects you give it. The results are not quite as artistic as with Midjourney, but they are often more varied stylistically.
You can reach Dall-E via the website If you already have a ChatGPT account, you can log in with the same data. Just enter your image idea in the upper text bar and wait a few seconds. Within a short time Dall-E will create some image suggestions for you. If you like one of the images, click on it and optionally on Variations. Now Dall-E designs further graphics based on your favorite.

Sounddraw: The AI songwriter

The Soundraw – AI product creates music pieces of up to three minutes in length for you on demand – without you having the slightest idea about composing yourself. All you have to do is tell Soundraw’s artificial intelligence what genre, mood and energy level you want the music to have. In addition, you can determine which instruments are used and how long the finished song should be. Short clips of 30 seconds or a complete piece are possible.
Soundraw can be reached at Playing around with the various options is free. Only the download of a finished piece costs money – in the subscription from 17 US dollars (about 16 euros) per month. Great: The songs can be integrated into videos license-free. Test free!


An AI service that can write texts of any kind, according to the manufacturer. However, due to high demand, the website currently only offers a place on the waiting list.

Runway ML

This creation suite offers numerous AI-driven tools for image and video editing. On the site the free registration works with a Google account.


An experimental search engine where you type in specific questions instead of just typing in search terms. You can try out Metaphor at – unfortunately, only in English.

Stable Diffusion – Image Generator AI Service

Another AI that generates images – completely in the browser. At, you can commission works free(to test) of charge.

Stable Diffusion is a deep learningtext-to-image model released in 2022. It is primarily used to generate detailed images conditioned on text descriptions, though it can also be applied to other tasks such as inpainting, outpainting, and generating image-to-image translations guided by a text prompt.

We invite you use this AI services to test!

AI-based services are firmly entrenched in our everyday life. Do not ignore what tomorrow will be commonplace! Start understanding the technologies of the future today. We have compiled a collection of AI services to test them so that you keep your finger on the pulse right now! Test test test!

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