Twitter’s competitor: Meta launch a new app

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It will be a free service. The platform will collect data from the phone, including location, purchases, and browsing history

Great news for social media enthusiasts! Meta, the American multinational holding company behind Facebook and Instagram, is all set to unveil its latest app, Threads, on July 6. This app is geared up to take on the popular platform Twitter, as reported by the BBC, quoting an official statement from Meta.

Meta launch a new app

Threads, available for pre-order on the Apple App Store and closely integrated with Instagram, brings a fresh take on text-based communication. With a user-friendly toolbar reminiscent of Twitter, this free service aims to be your go-to communication application. Moreover, there’s no need to worry about any restrictions on the number of posts you can see – enjoy unlimited browsing!

The screenshots of Threads look impressively similar to Twitter, and Meta is enthusiastic about the potential of this new venture. Notably, Meta already owns a massive user base through Instagram, so Threads will be instantly linked to hundreds of millions of accounts. This puts Threads in a favorable position, unlike other rivals that had to start from scratch.

Meta launch a new app

Interestingly, in recent times, various apps with a striking resemblance to Twitter have emerged, such as Donald Trump’s Truth Social and Mastodon. However, with its vast resources and existing user base, Meta is all set to give Twitter a run for its money.

Speaking of Twitter, you might recall that the social platform imposed limits on the number of daily posts that users can read. Fortunately, Threads doesn’t have any such restrictions, giving you the freedom to explore and connect without any barriers.

Meta launch new app. So mark your calendars for July 6, and get ready to experience Threads – your new avenue for expressive and limitless communication on Instagram!

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