Windows 11: April update causes problems

windows 11 april update KB5025239

Windows 11 april update KB5025239 for Windows 11 causes serious problems for some users. You can do this if you are affected.

Windows 11 april update KB5025239 – Microsoft regularly delivers the so-called patch day updates on the second Tuesday of the month. Since April 11, 2023, the software giant from Redmond (USA) has been distributing the update called KB5025239 for Windows 11. The update not only brings new functions and security-related changes, but also massive problems for some users, reports Windows Latest, citing reader emails and posts in Microsoft’s Feedback Hub and on Reddit.

What’s new in Windows 11 KB5025239

Microsoft has made twenty-five changes in the Windows 11 22H2 KB5025239 update and here are some of them (the most significant)

  1. The April update adds a Windows local administrator password solution as a Windows inbox feature.
  2. Fixed a compatibility issue caused by using the Windows registry.
  3. Microsoft has added notifications to the Windows Start Menu for a limited number of Windows 11 users.
  4. The search field on the taskbar has become a little lighter if you set Windows to a custom color mode.
  5. This update fixes an issue that caused Microsoft PowerPoint to become unresponsive when using certain features.
  6. Microsoft Narrator now reads drop-down lists in Microsoft Excel.
  7. Microsoft fixed a bug in Windows Notepad that did not display all available settings options.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused USB printers to be classified as multimedia devices.

Microsoft is aware of a few more issues with Windows 11 22H2 that have not been resolved in this update but will also be resolved through upcoming updates.

Windows 11: Issues with KB5025239

According to the reports of KB5025239, users primarily complain about non-responsive desktop icons, some of which disappear, errors in the navigation menu, problems with the taskbar and task manager, and a crashing file explorer. There are also renewed reports of lame SSDs, which have been causing slow-running apps and games as well as general performance losses since the March patch day.
Finally, Windows users are increasingly encountering a classic problem: trouble with the update itself. The update process therefore sometimes hangs or does not work at all – there are meaningless error messages. According to Windowslatest, the troubles currently only affect a small proportion of users; the majority were able to download and install the patch without any problems. If you notice problems after the update KB5025239, the easiest way to get rid of them is to uninstall the corresponding patch. Since this is a security update, Ai-LOOKUP advises against it.

You can do this in case windows 11 april update KB5025239

In addition to sitting out the problems and waiting for a new update, affected users have other options, such as uninstalling the faulty update. How to proceed:

  • Open the settings, for example with the key combination Windows key + i.
  • Click Windows Updates, and then click Update history on the right.
  • Click Uninstall Updates.
  • Then select KB5025239 from the list that appears and click Uninstall. After that, restart the computer – the problems should be gone.

For illustrated instructions on how to uninstall updates in Windows 10 and 11, see the Uninstall Windows Update guide.

windows 11 april update KB5025239
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