Windows 11: KB5028185 Update brings long-awaited features

Windows 11 KB5028185 Update

Microsoft has released a new feature update for Windows 11. In addition to fixing security issues, patch KB5028185 launches a number of useful features.

Since May 2023, impatient Windows 11 users have had the opportunity to get the optional Moment 3 update for the operating system and test a number of new features in advance. However, the conditions for early patch installation were quite confusing, causing many users to ignore the opportunity. Now the wait is over, because the patch is now available for download to everyone as a regular feature update labeled KB5028185 Update and should automatically install on your computer as soon as it’s your turn.

This is definitely a reason to rejoice, as the new version not only gets rid of security issues, but also has a whole bunch of new comfort features in its baggage. If you’ve been missing the clock seconds display on the taskbar, you no longer need to resort to cumbersome emergency solutions. KB5028185 – From now on, you can simply activate the appropriate display of the system clock in the settings menu. If you are tired of opening the context menu in Windows Explorer with the right mouse button, you can now also use the menu key on your keyboard. The corresponding menu item is then selected using the various shortcut keys.

Button reassignment

In KB5028185 Update, click the print button, note that the screenshot editing tool now opens. If you don’t want it, you can override this feature in the settings. Also practical: Microsoft introduces with the patch an adaptive brightness adjustment that only slightly dims or brightens individual content to save energy on tablets and laptops without degrading the optics. You can now show live German subtitles for audio file playback. This also works with other languages such as English, Spanish and French.

The new multi-application kiosk mode allows the administrator to assign specific applications to a user account, to which the respective user has access and which are launched immediately after logging in. All other applications are locked to the respective account. The list of new features is long, and also includes more advanced features such as Live Kernel Dump to analyze technical issues with a single application. A full overview of the update content, including detailed explanations, can be found on the official Microsoft Support website.

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Windows 11: KB5028185 Update
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