Windows 11: Testing without installation – simply in the browser

Windows 11 testing

Even about one and a half years after its release, Windows 11 has not caught on with PC users. According to statistics portal StatCounter, the current Microsoft operating system does not even run on every fourth Windows PC (around 23 percent) as things stand, while its popular predecessor Windows 10 still has almost 72 percent market share worldwide. If you want to try out Windows 11 before the free upgrade, despite all the problems and removed features, you don’t have to install the software right away. You can simply start Windows 11 in the browser thanks to the clever web app “Win11React“. This even works on older computers, Macs, tablets or smartphones. Ai-lookup explains how it works and what’s behind it.

Testing Windows 11 without installation

To try out testing Windows 11 without any registration and installation, simply load the website in the browser. Immediately, the start screen of Win11React appears and you log in to the user account of “Blue Edge” in the following lock screen by clicking on Sign in without password. After that, the Windows 11 desktop appears on the screen with a centered taskbar and Start menu, as well as the new “Bloom” wallpaper. Since this is a simple website, you can test it without risk. In addition, the Windows 11 interface can also be tried out on computers that are not actually compatible with the operating system because they do not meet the Windows 11 system requirements.

Win11React: Windows simply copied

Behind the open source project “Win11React” is a developer named Blue Edge – a pseudonym. For licensing reasons, this is not a real operating system, nor is it a Windows 365 cloud PC. Instead, free web technologies such as the JavaScript library React, Javascript and the stylesheet language CSS were used to recreate the user interface of the operating system. Because is only a replica, not all functions of the real Windows 11 are available. However, the Windows imitation is sufficient for a basic impression of the “look & feel”.

Available functions and limitations

Win11React has been under constant development since the first version was released in October 2021. In the current version 0.2.9, you can testing the Windows 11 start menu, the taskbar and the search, as well as the widgets, the new context menu, the notification bar including calendar view and the practical window function “Snap Layout”. In addition, the Windows Store, the Edge browser, Windows Terminal, the calculator, Notepad and Windows Explorer are available. Some features – such as the new settings app – can only be used to a limited extent so far. If you want to submit suggestions for the project, you can do so on the project’s GitHub page.

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