Yahoo better than Google: 10 things Yahoo is ahead of

yahoo better than google

Google or Yahoo – you’ll probably prefer the first of the duelists. Both have their good moments. We worked out those of Yahoo, which by the way has already changed its logo several times.

The Yahoo search engine leads a niche existence. No wonder, since the quality stagnates compared to Google. But is that always the case? No – a few features are better in the market leader’s competitor.

Google delivers the highest quality search results.

According to many users, Google delivers the highest quality search results. There is something to it objectively too. A competing service has to come up with clever extras if it wants to attract web surfers. In particular, the “wild young search engines” that run on green electricity, plant trees from their earnings or recently compete with artificial intelligence in the ChatGPT manner in the back, are ideal here. The Yahoo search engine does not meet the criteria “uniquely good” and “particularly innovative”: In terms of features, there has been a lull for years and the search results sometimes feel worse than with Bing (crawler: Bingbot). And this despite the fact that Yahoo gave up its own engine some time ago and has been using Microsoft’s Bing technology as a background ever since; What can be determined is the qualitative stagnation of Yahoo, for example with regard to more advertising than Bing, which the author of the article has placed under the search results in recent years.

Yahoo search looks a bit like a dinosaur that survived the deaths of its fellows

Yahoo search looks a bit like a dinosaur that survived the deaths of its fellows (applied to the technology sector: buried services like AOL Messenger, Cosmiq forum, Playray games collection, Yahoo Messenger). The former market giant has survived to this day, but it is just vegetating. Some things even look backwards: We observed that some of the advantages that the search service had over Google a few years ago no longer exist today.
Google has either caught up or Yahoo is shooting itself in the foot, for example by discontinuing the forum-like knowledge service “Yahoo Clever” – probably to save costs. The integration of the latter, also called Y!C, into the Yahoo search engine has disappeared as a consequence of the demise of its own community.

yahoo better than google

Yahoo better than Google? Yes but …

When we first published this article in 2019, we discovered ten pluses on Yahoo’s side that Google didn’t offer. In a 2023 update, it was already harder to find things that Yahoo beat Google. Especially since: Google and Bing are successful with artificial intelligence in order to consolidate their own position or increase in distribution; Nothing is known about Yahoo intervening in this direction, presumably the group is once again missing an innovation opportunity.
The advantages of Yahoo over Google, which we describe below, are only small. They’re not an argument to walk away from Google and mainly go to “yahooen” to research something. This is especially true in view of the poor quality search hits. But the compiled Pro-Yahoo list shows that Google’s ailing competitor isn’t all bad – and you might be amused by the minor highlights.
If Google doesn’t work, which is rare, you can always fall back to Yahoo for some good (not necessarily always better) things. However, this is not essential, since Bing still exists, which, thanks to further development, acts more on the pulse of the times. Yahoo is also a possibility if both Google and Bing have server down times at the same time – but how likely is that? There is no such thing as an either/or: If you like, you can use several search engines at any time in alternation. The service providers, who are notorious as data octopuses, receive less information about your interests.


Sometimes better search results

A theoretical advantage of Y is that it sometimes displays better search results, i.e. more useful for the individual web surfer. In practice, Google – thanks to more relevant content – leads to the goal faster.

More powerful home page

If you call up and, you will find a slim homepage on Google. Yahoo also welcomes you to a page with an input slot for web research, arranged at the top – easy to find. In addition there are numerous he other things like news and quick mail access. If that’s too much of a good thing, visit the more reduced search page A search engine is your jumping-off point for exploring the great outdoors. It usually combs the publicly accessible network, known as the surface web. A search engine is your starting point for exploring the vastness of the Internet. It usually combs the publicly accessible network, known as the surface web.

Start the day informed

After booting up their PC, many users first call up the browser and often (by entering the URL manually, via bookmarks or thanks to the configuration of the browser home page) a search engine. If you choose, you will see the date in the middle. If you scroll, you can even see the degree Celsius number of your location, with a click you can also call up a weather report for the coming days.

Search results open in new tab

If you click on a search hit on Y!, the website in question will open in a new browser tab. This is practical because you don’t lose the list of results for your research request. With Google it is necessary to click on the desired links while holding down the Ctrl key. Alternatively, click on it with the mouse wheel or right-click on it and select the associated browser context menu function.

Search slot with goodie

If you click into the search slot of the Yahoo search engine, the rest of the website area darkens. If you click outside of the input field, you level that. With Google, there is neither one nor the other effect. One may like this visual facet of Yahoo.
Yahoo Better Than Google: 10 Things Yahoo Is Ahead a search engine is your jumping-off point for exploring the great outdoors. It usually combs the publicly accessible network, known as the surface web.
The color-accentuated display of the Yahoo search offer is reminiscent of the Firefox and Chrome extension “Turn Off the Lights”, which implements something very similar on YouTube.

No infinite scrolling

With social media services, endless scrolling is theoretically possible, provided the amount of content allows it. This means: There are not several search result pages, but only one – the first. As a web surfer, you will eventually reach any content simply by scrolling down long enough. It’s a matter of opinion whether that’s good or bad.
On the plus side, without clicking on hyperlinks named “2”, “3”, “4”, “5” et cetera (at the very bottom of search pages), more finds appear. On the negative side, some people see this type of scrolling as addictive. The Yahoo image search differs from Google’s photo research here: the market leader has quasi-infinite scrolling, while when you scroll to the bottom with the mouse wheel on Yahoo, you will see a “Show more images” link. Google also offers such a link, but after a longer navigation down than with Yahoo. In this respect, Google is more in the direction of infinite scrolling.

Image search leads directly to the original page

Have you done a Yahoo image search and want to go to the original webpage for some of the photos you found? The graphic content of your choice is embedded on this – together with probably more interesting information. Clicking on the desired thumbnail opens the original website immediately. Google, on the other hand, initially serves up similar images, which is practical, but earns fewer sympathy points from purists than Yahoo’s approach.

Video search with tiles

When you search for videos, Yahoo presents you with its finds in the form of tiles. Fans of Windows 8 should rejoice inwardly given the similar operating system start menu user interface of the time. With Google, the presentation is in the form of a list and is more sober. With the latter top dog, you get a handful of enriching information in the search content; Yahoo leaves this out, but shines with larger thumbnail previews.

Image and video search filters always present

Filters can be applied to both image and video searches on Google and Yahoo to get more relevant search results. With Google, the available options have to be expanded by clicking on “Search filter”. With Yahoo, you are spared this minimal effort thanks to the factory display of the relevant toolbars.

Opera VPN does not torpedo searches

The Chromium-based Opera web browser has a VPN icon to the left of the address bar. Click on this and activate a client-internal Virtua with little effort Private network tunnel for IP address anonymization. Enter Yahoo: You can then carry out Internet research as usual without any problems. A snag with Google: Web information can no longer be tapped here because, according to the report, “our systems (…) have detected unusual data traffic from your computer network”. A workaround tweak in Opera helps, which not everyone is familiar with: In order to be able to google again when IP protection is switched on, it is necessary to call up the browser settings with Alt-P; Here you enter “vpn” and select “Manage additional VPN bypass rules > Add”, enter and confirm.

Is Yahoo Browser the Right Choice for You?

After examining the features of Yahoo Browser, it’s clear that it offers some compelling advantages over other browsers. From its enhanced security features to its personalized browsing experience, Yahoo Browser has a lot to offer. Whether it’s the right choice for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


  1. Is Yahoo Browser free to use?
    • Yes, Yahoo Browser is completely free to use.
  2. Can I import my bookmarks from Chrome to Yahoo Browser?
    • Yes, Yahoo Browser allows you to import your bookmarks from Chrome or any other browser.
  3. Does Yahoo Browser offer ad-blocking?
    • Yes, Yahoo Browser offers ad-blocking as a built-in feature.
  4. How can I customize the appearance of Yahoo Browser?
    • Yahoo Browser offers a range of customization options, including themes and backgrounds.
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